Buying a home you can afford

By: Angele Roy

Buying a home you can afford

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When it comes to buying  a home the considerable down payment requirement i s not the only monetary figure we need to look at buy what your monthly mortgage payment will be. The interested buyer needs to determine how much a month they can afford to pay towards their home on top of other expenses. It helps to work closely with a mortgage consultant who can guide you through the process. Is is also wise to get a pre approval for a mortgage before actually stating the home buying process.  

With a pre approval you will know exactly how much you can afford and which homes your realtor should be showing you.  Without this prior knowledge you may find yourself out house hunting in areas and homes that are out of your budget. It will eliminate the hurtful process of finding your dream home only to find out that you cannot get a mortgage approved. 

If you need a contact for a mortage representative the Angele Roy Team can help.