How finding an agent is like dating!

By: Angele Roy

How finding an agent is like dating!

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When you decided you may be interested in someone romantically, you don't jump from first date to marriage. Instead, you take the time to get to know the other person - what are their likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, goals and fears. If both of you value the relationship, you may consider taking the relationship a step further - to engagement and then marriage - but likely, several months (or years) have passed before the relationship progresses to this step.

Like successful romantic relationships, business relationships also require a period of time to get to know the other person - are they trustworthy? Can they do what they say? Are they likable?

People don't feel comfortable doing business with someone they've never met - especially if they have no idea what to expect when they meet with the person. Yet by offering a free, no obligations consultation in your promotions and then expecting to close the deal at the meeting, you're basically asking your prospect to marry you on the first date - you're expecting them to take a leap of faith that you're a trustworthy business person. You completely bypass all the getting to know you stages of the relationship.

Instead, I schedule a meeting with a potential buyer and once we have discussed what their needs are and what I can do to help them we can decide if we are a match.  

Communication is key and if a potential buyer is not comfortable with us we must accept that we are not the right fit.